Mundial Sushimen's Cutlery

Mundial Sushimen's Cutlery
Tradition and artistry. These are words as revered by the skilled craftspeople of Mundial as they are by Master Sushi Chefs of Japan. Today, the rich traditions and meticulous artistry of both groups have come together to create the world's finest premium sushi knives, the Sushimen's line from Mundial. While the Sushimen's line meets the stringent requirements of professional sushi chefs, it also answers the needs of the growing number of gourmet cooks and sushi lovers who want to prepare their own sushi creations at home using professional grade tools. Just as Master Sushi Chefs pride themselves on preparing sushi and sashimi as aesthetically appealing as they are appetizing, the Sushimen's line reflects the perfect marriage of form and function. Mundial's attention to detail in the design of the Sushimen's line extends to the shapes, sizes and lengths of the knife handles. Crafted from a dense-grained hardwood sourced from northern Brazil, the handles of the Sushimen's line follow traditional designs. Each one is tapered to fit the shape of the hand, ensuring a comfortable grip and the proper cutting angle for its task. Some of the knives feature an oval shape to ensure a secure grip, and all Sushimen's line knives are designed for both right and left handed users.

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